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​There’s a lot of hard work that goes into maintaining your home and making it a place that you can be proud of. It can be quite disheartening to see all the hard work you’ve put into making your home look great become undone as a result of worn, damaged or fading paint. Whether it’s the exterior or interior of your home or business, this can negatively impact you in a range of different ways.

We the painting company that provides a solution, however. With our range of painting services, for both residential and commercial properties, we can maintain the look of your place. 

About Us
For us it’s all about you. We know how much time and energy you invest into your home, or business, to make it just right. If your paint becomes damaged or faded, however, all your hard work simply fades away too. We think you should get something back for all the hard work you put in. A fresh coat of paint is often just the thing to liven up your home and increase its curb appeal. The reward you deserve. For your business, it can really create a professional image. We are the “painters near me” that you no longer need to search for.

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Our Services

​We provide a wide range of painting services for residential and commercial properties, focusing on both interior and exterior painting. All of our services are results driven, and we always guarantee the best results for you. We know this is the only way to ensure that the exterior of your home or business really wows and impresses those who pass by. We are the painting contractors that take pride in our results and do it all, including paint restoration. It’s our dedication to amazing results that makes us the best of the “painting companies near me” you are always searching for. 


Residential Painting 
We all want to create a home that not only looks stunning but is also a great place to live. The look of your home plays a real role in this. If your paint is starting to fade or become damaged, which can happen for a number of reasons, your home can suffer as a result. We offer house painting, to help you maintain the look you want at home. We offer the residential painting Palm Bay FL knows can help to make your dream home a reality.
Commercial Painting 
Even more so than your home, your business is reliant on a professional and well-crafted image. It’s part of the key to success. It’s unlikely you’ll catch the eye of any potential customers, or impress any clients, if your paint is dull, faded or otherwise damaged. It’s for this reason that we offer a commercial painting service. This is a service tailored to meet the demands and needs of any business, as we are aware you have a range of different requirements that need to be met if you are a business owner. We provide the commercial painting Palm Bay FL designed to create, or maintain, your professional image.
Sometimes, we all want to change and freshen things up. Especially at home. Over time, no matter how fashionable the look of your home once was, you need to update things to keep it fresh and modern. This might sound like it could be seriously expensive and difficult, but there’s one simple step you can take to quickly revamp and remodel the look of your home: Painting. A fresh coat of paint or a vibrant new color is often a perfect, and easy, way to liven up the interior of your home, office or business. 

Fencing & Gate
Wood Finishing

We all want a home that looks great. One that we can stand back and really admire. Getting the exterior of your home painted can be a quick and easy way to achieve this vision. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to quickly boost the curb and visual appeal of your home. We are the true professional house painters and offer the exterior painting Palm Bay FL knows get stunning results every time.
Fencing & Gate
Given your fence and gate basically sit on the curb, they are an important part of the curb appeal of your home. Getting them painted, or finished, depending on the situation, can be a great way to increase their visual appeal and compliment your home overall. On top of this, it’s also a great way to give them some measure of protection against the elements, which can be quite damaging depending on the material in question.
Wood Finishing
Wood is a great material to use around your home, in a number of situations and circumstances. It has a real natural beauty to it and it’s durable and easy to use. The only problem is, it can experience real damage out in the elements, which is where most of the wooden surfaces and structures around your home are located. This means they can incur damage and need constant repair if they don’t have the right protection. Getting us to finish your wooden surfaces is the best way to ensure they are protected. 

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​We know the amount of hard work you put into making your home look stunning. Seeing it all come undone as a result of worn, faded or damaged paint can be disheartening. With our range of painting services, we can help you maintain a stunning looking home, and ensure all your hard work doesn’t go unrewarded. Contact us today and get, or maintain, your dream home. You can reach us using any of the information on our website. 

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“Having recently had my house painted by Palm Bay Paint Company, I would highly recommend them. They did great work. They were professional and created no problems.” Fred. T

“Palm Bay Paint Company wood finishing service is super easy. They got my deck and fence done in no time. So, now I don’t have to worry.” Roger. M